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Monday, September 28, 2009

That Will Be 1500 Dollars Please!!!

Today we went to the Cancer Center for Sheila's blood work and her counts are coming back up again but not as quick as in the past. Everything looks good though and she starts chemo again next Monday. This will be a new kind of chemo with different chemicals and a different schedule. It will run every other day through a backpack and have to be turned on and off at different intervals during the day and night. They will show us how to program it when we get that far. She also has to take a prescription eye drop that has to be administered every four hours. Supposedly the new chemo has a side effect of conjunctivitis and the drops help to alleviate that. It is a chemical conjunctivitis and not like bacteria caused pinkeye. Sound like fun huh? We also both have to go get seasonal flu shots in the next couple days and Sheila has to also get a pneumonia shot. After the lab work we went to the clinic's accounts payable department and Sheila straightened out a 1500 dollar mistake on her medical bills.

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