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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walmart Gets Revenge!

Well tomorrow we both go to Walmart for our flu shots. Sheila's doctor said we both should get them because of her susceptibility for infections when her white counts are low. Sheila will also have to get a pneumonia shot. Walmart has flu shots for just $24.oo so we will be there between 11Am and 3PM tomorrow. I have not had a flu shot since they made us get the very first swine flu shots back in the 70's while in the Marine Corps! Today we had no treatments and just stayed home except for buying some fruit and snacks at Walmart. We also went out and brought back Boston Market for us and Mike and Greg tonight. They had a long rough day at the Cancer Center and since Mike usually cooks a dinner most nights for Greg we thought it might help them if we just brought dinner back to the house for everyone. Carol also stopped by the house this afternoon and wants me to do some wiring at a third WE CARE house she owns. She wants to add a mini kitchen to one of the apartments and needs an oven circuit and some lighting run. Since I also cleaned the backyard and trimmed all the trees she is also going to buy a bunch of Oleander plants for me to plant along the back fence. I am so glad it is starting to cool off abit here!!

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