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Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Mile Walk for Acorns and Mexican Food

Today at the Cancer Center Sheila's blood work came back with all her counts looking pretty good. Platelets are still down but her white counts are very good so she does not have to wear a surgical mask when she goes out. The doctor said we would start chemo a week from this coming Monday, then he remembered that we want to fly to Newport for Thanksgiving. Now the plan is back to trying to start chemo this coming Monday which means Sheila will have blood work tomorrow and Monday to see if her platelets come back up to allow the chemo to start on Monday. We are hoping it will all go as planned because she has to have 2-3 weeks to recoup after chemo before she will be allowed to fly to Newport. That's the plan so far but it all looks like it will work out. We also went on a 5 mile walk today down to Lake Arlington and back. While we were at the lake we watched the ducks and then the squirrels. It was nice getting outside for several hours and Sheila felt really good walking that far. We stopped and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant on the walk home. The weather has been great, sunny and in the 60's!

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