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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sent to the Blood Room

After hitting Mickey Dee's for breakfast we went to have Sheila's blood work done at the Cancer Center. When we got there we found it was not open except for the workers doing remodeling on the weekend. We then went over (next door) to the Infusion Center and found out that there is where we were supposed to be. They do the blood work and have a person from the lab there on the weekends. We have never needed to get blood drawn on the weekend before. We were supposed to wait on the results in case her platelets were still low, and go over to the hospital for platelets if needed. We decided that instead of waiting there for an hour we would run over to Walgreens and get Sheila a pneumonia shot while her white counts were good and in case chemo starts on Monday again. When we got back to the Infusion Center sure enough her platelets were low and we had to go to the hospital to get her platelets topped off! Well that put us behind on getting to her grand daughters birthday party at McDonald's but when her platelets were complete we went to the house and tied the bicycle we bought for Maizie into the truck of the Miata and flew to McDonald's. we got there just as everyone was leaving but we got to see Maizie and give her the new bike! Then we drove to Grand Prairie to check our mail and get a pizza for our lunch at Pizziolo's. Another day of running all around town!

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