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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Told to Take a Week Off!

Well I have not updated in a few days because nothing has happened. We went to blood tests on Friday and then again Monday hoping they would start chemo. NO WAY! I guess it's because her platelets are still low but they did not have her go for more platelets. We really don't know why but the doctor told the lab to have Sheila come back in a week, with no labs in between. This is a first. I guess we will get answers when we see the doctor on Monday. I just think he did not want to give her chemo again so soon. The problem is now she may not have enough recoup time to get her counts back up to travel to Newport. This is a major disappointment! We have nothing to to but go in on Friday for a dressing change and flush of her CVC line. Monday we will see the doctor and get some answers and I guess start her last "scheduled" round of chemo. I am still hoping it will all work out....we sure could use sometime away from the Cancer Center.

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