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Friday, October 9, 2009

Backpack Number 3!

Today we went to the Cancer Center to have Sheila's last backpack of one day chemo hooked up and after it gets disconnected tomorrow she will have a few weeks of no treatments to let her counts build back up. When we got home...hmmm...... HOME?...when we got back to the WE CARE house there was another truck in the driveway with Kansas plates and since Mike or Greg had not said anything about having visitors, we knew they must have had family drop in from Kansas for a surprise visit. Sure enough when we got inside there were Mike and Greg's son, wife and two boys! They said they were shocked when they got a call on their cell phone this morning and the caler (her daughter in law) said " come open the front door!" Anyways they were sure glad to see them all and after talking with us for awhile they all went out to dinner and to Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine. The weather is also turning really cooll here finally, it must be only in the high 50's now and raining. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and cool also so I aam hoping we can get out somewhere for a good long walk.

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