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Monday, October 12, 2009


Today we went to have blood work and to see the doctor. Sheila's counts are still good but are coming down as expected. The chemo she just finished was 60 TIMES more potent than the original chemo treatments. I asked the doctor what is the exact purpose for this type of chemo and he said that is used to kill any remaining resistant type leukemia cells that might still be in her bone marrow and that it also goes into her central nervous system and the brain to go after any remaining leukemia there. When her counts come back up to normal (after they bottom out) he will start her on one more round of the same chemo. If all goes as planned that will be the end of her treatments. She will have to have routine check ups and blood work and bone marrow biopsies to make sure it is not coming back. So far so good!
Sheila was feeling so good that last night she went to Fair Park in Dallas to see Mary Poppins the musical with her daughter and grand-daughters. She was just off chemo and her counts were still up so it worked out great. They had a good time.

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