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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twice to the Cancer Center Today!

Well we came to the Cancer Center today for Sheila to get her blood work done. When we got back to the house they called us back for Sheila to have an antibiotic infusion because her counts are continuing to drop. We never know if we should stick around or leave after they take her blood because it can take from one hour to several to get the results back. The time we stuck around for the results we waited over an hour then were told that the system was down. The last time we left they called us right back. This time we left they called in about an hour and said to come back at one o'clock. Right now we are back at the Cancer Center for the antibiotic infusion. That's the worst part of all this treatment is not knowing what to expect next. Sheila is doing great though and that's all that really matters. We saw Make and Greg were still here since we saw them here on our first trip today. He has been getting a hell of alot of treatments.....radiation, blood, chemo., drugs.....the whole works!

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