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Thursday, October 15, 2009

To the Hospital for Platlets Today

Today we went to the Cancer Center as usual to have Sheila's blood work done. She also needed antibiotics and a neupogen shot (it is supposed to help her white counts come back up quicker and fight risk of infection). While we were waiting on her antibiotics to finish the blood work results came back from the lab and her platelet count was just about zero so it was off to the hospital for an infusion of platelets. At least today we got it all done in one trip! Tomorrow Sheila has another lab for blood work and then a visit with her doctor, I am thinking by tomorrow or Monday she will need some whole blood as she has between every chemo treatment. The doctor's plan was to try and start the last round of chemo by October 26 so that she could recoup and get her blood counts up so that she could fly to Newport for Thanksgiving. It all depends on getting her blood counts up in the next 10 days. We are also hoping to get her a pneumonia shot before the next round of chemo.

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