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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guns, Germs and Steel

Today we:
Went to hospital for platelets.
Went to Cancer Center for Neupergen and Antibiotics.
Drove to park to meet Sheila's Daughter Rhonda and 3 grandkids.
Got keys to borrow Rhonda's truck to go guy bike for Mazie's birthday.
Went to Walmart to pay for bike and decided it MIGHT fit in Miata's trunk.
Loaded bike into Miata's trunk...kinda...tied trunk lid shut with paracord.
Drove bike home to unload until birthday party.
Got call from Rhonda to check on elderly lady walking in traffic.
Drove to location of elderly lady.....found no one.
Drove to Boston market for lunch.
Dropped Sheila at home to go meet my daughter Ashley.
Met Ashley and picked up my hand gun.
Drove to car wash and washed Sheila's car.
Drove home to meet back up with Sheila.
Dropped truck keys back off at Rhonda's
Went back out to Walmart for laundry detergent (it was all stolen in yesterday's break in)
Arrived at home to talk to Carol who bought locks for me to install on windows.
Home FINALLY where Mikey cooked dinner for us all!!! THANK YOU Mikey!!!

So now we are safe and sound at the WE CARE house with new locks and armed against further intrusions with a Smith and Wesson Airweight .38 Special and a Wilson Combat Tactical 2 Fighter knife w/5 inch blade. THEY WILL GET MY TIDE WHEN THEY PRY MY COLD DEAD FINGERS FROM THE SPILL PROOF SPOUT!!!!

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