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Monday, October 19, 2009

WE CARE House burgled today!

Well today was not your normal day of treatments by any stretch of the imagination. We went to the Cancer Center this morning because Sheila had an appointment to see the doctor. When we got there and she checked in for her lab work they told her she was "supposed" to come in over the weekend for Saturday and Sunday antibiotics and neuprogen shots. We told them that's the first we have heard of that! No one had told us to come in over the weekend for anything, We WERE told to go to the hospital for blood on Saturday and we did that. No one even called us when we "failed" to show up at the Cancer Center. The doctor was not too thrilled with the breakdown and when we got back to the infusion center they had already gotten an email from him about the lack of communication, so we start another full week of antibiotics and neuprogen shots because Sheila's counts are still very low. While we were at the Cancer Center we met Mike and Greg who were trying to get in to see their doctor because Greg's legs are giving him trouble and swelling badly. They then received a call that their son Shane back in Kansas was taken by ambulance for the second time to the ER. They said Saturday that he had kidney stones and gave him something for the pain and said the stones would just pass in time. I guess he is having some serious pain to be hauled to the ER again! Now the fun stuff begins!!!....When we got 'home' we noticed that the bedroom door which we lock when we leave in the morning was open.....we then noticed that someone had been through the whole house with drawers and cabinets all open! As we carefully looked around we saw a case of toilet paper from our bathroom left at our bedroom door. I checked our closet and the portable DVD player and tote bag of movies that Mike had loaned to us was gone! That's all that was missing. All Sheila's prescription drugs were still on the nightstand. My $400.00 custom knife given to me by my brother and my pocket knife were still on the shelf in the closet, right above where the DVD player had been. Nothing else was missing but the window screen outside our room was torn off. I must have forgotten to latch the window after opening it last night. Sheila was running fever and we opened the window about 1AM. I don't remember if I latched it after closing the window before we left this morning! There were drawers and cabinets and lights on through the house and Mike and Greg's door out to their patio was unlocked. It didn't look like anything was taken from their room but all the drawers were open. I called 911 and told the police to get there ASAP! They said to leave the house but I knew there was no one in there still. I called Mike and after talking to her it didn't look like anything was missing. There was still jewelry and her other DVD player and movies and all Greg's prescription drugs were still there. When the police got there I walked around with the cop and it was easy to see what happened. We found a DVD movie right beside our car in the grass where I always park and it was not there when we pulled up to the house. It looks like he or they heard or saw us pull up and as we came in through the front door they went out the back through Mike's room and ran down the driveway and dropped a movie right beside the car. I was damn glad I had decided to take my backpack with laptop, camera, GPS and other stuff with us this morning as they surely would have taken that! We did notice after the police left that 3 or 4 bottles of liquid laundry detergent was stolen out of the laundry room. Why the hell would someone take that and leave TV's, VCR's, DVD players and jewelry? Just stupid kids is what the police thought. After posting this incident on Face Book a friend came back and said they make METH out of laundry detergent! You learn something new everyday. They break in to steal TIDE and GAIN and toilet paper??? I guess I am not as mad as I thought I would be, partly because I feel bad leaving a window unlatched although there are several windows in the house that CANNOT be locked. Carol will have to fix that problem! Also I guess because this house in not ours and it certainly is not our "home"! I do wish I could have caught the little bastard(s) as they came through our bedroom window though. As it scares me alittle to think what they possibly could have done to me if I was there , it scares me more what I may have done to them!

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