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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Relaxing Sunday at the WE CARE House

We slept in today because we had no lab or doctors to visit. When we got up around 9:30AM we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and it was packed. I was worried because Sheila's white count are probably still very low and she forgot to bring her mask. We staked out a back corner to wait for our name to be called and tried to avoid all the people and their germs. When we finally got seated we talked to the waitress we know there who is from Newport, RI and she asked us to bring back some chourico (Portuguese sausage) when we go up there for Thanksgiving. When we pulled back up into the driveway at the WE CARE House, Mike and Greg were also just pulling in. They had been to the Cancer Center for his treatment. Mike immediately ran up to Sheila for a hug, she had just heard that her son had been taken to the ER back in Kansas and could not find out what had happened. We have since learned that he had been in intense pain and they were giving him morphine and trying to do some tests and x-rays. Their son has been trying to run both his own and their farms since they have been here for the last 6 months for Greg's treatments. Greg is also having a bad day due to his legs swelling from all the chemo he has been getting and is having a tough time just getting around. Mike has really got her hands full and I think it is it starting to take its toll on her. They are stuck down here and worried about their family and farm back in Kansas. Mike had been talking to the local cocker spaniel rescue recently about getting a dog but with all this going on I don't see how she could possibly handle the extra attention it would require. She asked me a Sheila if we would mind if she adopted a little dog since we live in the same house. Of course we said it would be no problem as long as we got to take it for a walk now and then! I don't think now it will happen though. We were all looking at pictures of a couple of cockers she had it narrowed down to at the Rescue's website and the two names were Wrenny and Quisp. One was a blonde female and the other a tri-colored male, both were cute little dogs. Today would have been the ideal day for a walk with a dog as the weather has finally cooled off and the rain has stopped. I still have 11 oleanders to put in the ground for Carol but I checked today and the ground is still very muddy. I may try later today to get a couple in at least. Sheila is full of energy today due to the 2 units of whole blood yesterday at the hospital and she has already swept the front porch off and is doing laundry. I am hoping we can go for a short walk in the neighborhood later today.

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