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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two McMuffins and Two Units of Whole Blood Please!

Well we just got to the hospital after a quick breakfast at McDonald's this morning. The other day when we came here to get platelets we met one of the nurses who took care of Sheila when she was in the hospital. Thuroo, the nurse from Shri Lanka was working in the hospitals infusion and blood center and today when we got here Dianna, another nurse that we knew from the hospital was working here. Also Fatima the nurse from Jordan whose son was murdered while Sheila was in the hospital is also here in this ward and seems to be doing pretty good. It was good to see them again and to hear about all the other nurses we met back in June and July. We have been meaning to go back to that ward and bring a cake or something to all those nurses but just have not made the time to do it yet. When Sheila gets all her treatments behind her we will do just that. They were so glad to see Sheila again and to see that she has done so well. They all wanted to look at her arm and were amazed that it all healed up to well! Right now this place is not very busy, I guess because its Saturday there are only 3 other people getting blood.

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