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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sheila Gets a New Backpack

Today we went to the Cancer Center for Sheila to start another round of chemo. When we got there they fisrt gave her some premeds through her IV. Then the nurse said that her last blood work was OK but not really good enough to start chemo. She asked when bloodwork was last done and we told her it was last Wednesday. She said we should of had a blood workup just before starting this chemo. We told her that when we came in last Friday that they said no bloodwork, just a flush of her CVC and a dressing change. Well it turned out that she SHOULD of had bloodwork last Friday! So they did it right then and there. We had to wait for the results before they would hook her up to her chemo backpack. Anyways it all came back AOK and they hooked her up and let us go. The new backpack is bigger than the last ones she has had and it goes on and off all by itself throughout the night. We go back in the morning to have it disconnected. Then Wednesday we start it all over again, every other day of chemo for a week.

Pic Today: Shelia checks out Capital Peak, Palo Duro Canyon, West Texas

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