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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chaco and Toesocks On the Road Again!!!

Well after a whirlwind visit in Connecticut and Newport, RI with all my family from four generations we are back on the road heading toward Alabama to visit Sheila's sister Nancy then on to Dallas. Thanksgiving was just unreal and will take a very long time for all the memories from that day to begin to fade. We saw so many relatives from all over New England and Florida, many who have not seen each other since they were small kids! It was just fantastic! Staying in our old family home and sleeping in my childhood room was just icing on the cake! Thanks to EVERYONE who made this trip so unbelievable! Walking in the WOODS with Sue and her kids and dogs, watching Deb ride her horse , hiking with Carol and Scott on that new trail and having dinner and REIKI at sister Imp's....well in could just not have been more enjoyable. We love all you guys! If a man's wealth was measured in the kind of people his sisters turned out to be .....I must be freeking Howard Hughes!!!!

Picture above is sister Imp's license plate....and I DO BELIEVE!!!! I believe I have the BEST sisters in the world!!!!

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