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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Newport Keeps Getting Better


Thanksgiving at the old house with all my sisters and all their kids and our Uncle Robert was out of this world! The food was outrageous, the house was overfilled with about 30 people, dogs...LOTS of dogs, good cheer, funny stories, sad stories, remember memories and lots and lots of food! Everyone brought something to eat. There were TWO turkeys, one cooked here at 705 by my sister Deb, another cooked by sister Carol's boyfriend Scott, sister Imp's boyfriend Bob cooked several pies, brownies baked by Beth Allen who stopped by to say HI and grew up with us just two doors down, beer and wine by Uncle Robert who came dressed up as an Indian. It was just a mob of people who have not been together in a very long time, noisy, unruly, unorganized confusion of people with dogs running throughout the house, one table full of food collapsing into the floor and just the best damn time imaginable!! Thanks to all my sisters who pulled together to bring all this food, fun and family together after all these years!!!

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  1. I agree, the time I spent there was so great ! What a wonderful family you are. I was aliitle nervous at first, but I knocked on the door and yelled " Can Debbie come out and play? " The rest was very comfortable. Got a tour of the house, was so neat to be there once again. Steve it was so good to see you and meet your lovely wife Sheila. Enjoyed the pics that Susan sent me, I did pass them on to my family. Looking forward to keeping in touch. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day, it is another memory !