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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cancer Center for a Money Transfusion

"Give me the scorn of the stars and a peak defiant;
Wail of the pines and a wind with the shout of a giant;
Night and a trail unknown and a heart reliant " -rw service

Today we slept in having no treatments or any appointments. When we got up we went to IHOP for the Garden Scramble and some Gingerbread Pancakes. Then it was more Christmas shopping for the Grandkids and finally to the Cancer Center, this time to give THEM a transfusion of cash! At least that is the way to go if you MUST go there! We are now back at the house where we had seven people staying last night. Mikey and Greg who are always here with us and Josh and Leetha who come just a few days a week and also Darren a guy who has been here just a few times now and then. Don't know what the rest of the day holds for us but Sheila needs to just rest up and take her antibiotics so she can get over this pneumonia. I might run over to our storage unit and get some things out of it that we need now that the weather is cold and also put up some things we do not need.

Pic today is of Toesocks and me in the Smokey Mountains on our 2008 AT Thru-hike. It had been raining for 2-3 days and in the 40's and 50's. We were soaked through and through and our feet and socks were cold and very wet. When we woke up in the morning in one of the shelters it had snowed all night and our socks and sandals were frozen solid! We had to put them in our sleeping bags with us to defrost them enough to put on and continue our hike!

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