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Friday, December 11, 2009

Long Distance Reiki Working!!!

"Like one that on a lonesome road Doth walk in fear and dread,
And having once turned round walks on, And turns no more his head,
Because he knows a frightful fiend Doth close behind him tread."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Today Sheila actually feels better and she did not cough so much during the night. She has been taking antibiotics for weeks now so the only reason we can find for the improvement has to be the Reiki that sister Imp sent her long distance. THANKS IMP!!! Today as yesterday we have nothing planned except a few errands to run.. Tomorrow Sheila goes back to the doctor just to check up on her pneumonia condition. I think it is finally improving. We still have no idea what and where we will go for Christmas, it all depends on how she does getting over the pneumonia and what we hear of her bone marrow biopsy. Not much else is going on here.....below is a poem I read recently and it made me think how lucky we all were to share this past Thanksgiving with so many family members from all over the country and best of all in the old house at 705.

Thanksgiving by Edgar Albert Guest

Gettin' together to smile an' rejoice,
An' eatin' an' laughin' with folks of your choice;
An' kissin' the girls an' declarin' that they
Are growin' more beautiful day after day;
Chattin' an' braggin' a bit with the men,
Buildin' the old family circle again;
Livin' the wholesome an' old-fashioned cheer,
for awhile at the end of the year.
Greetings fly fast as we crowd through the door
And under the old roof we gather once more
Here we are back at the table again
Tellin' our stories as women an' men.
Bowed are our heads for a moment in prayer;
Oh, but we're grateful an' glad to be here.
Home from the south land an' home from the west,
Home with the folks that are dearest an' best.
Out of the sham of the cities afar
We've come for a time to be just what we are.
Here we can talk of ourselves an' be frank,
Forgettin' position an' station an' rank.
Give me the end of the year an' its fun
When most of the plannin' an' toilin' is done;
Bring all the wanderers home to the nest,
Let me sit down with the ones I love best,
Hear the old voices still ringin' with song,
See the old faces unblemished by wrong,
See the old table with all of its chairs
An' I'll put soul in my Thanksgivin' prayers.

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