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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doctor said "as total a remission as is possible"!!!

The doctor visit today and the final results of the bone marrow biopsy showed Sheila is in as much total remission as is possible!! We now have to have periotic blood and marrow tests that will get further and further apart as long as the results show the leukemia is in remission. So now we are least for the near future! Our plan right now is to get away from the big city and head out on the road for Christmas!

The plan so far is to drive to Rockport, Texas (366 miles due south of Dallas) and tent camp at Goose Island State Park

Spend Dec 26th on board THE SKIMMER a boat/birding tour to see the Whooping Cranes that makes this their only winter home.

Texas Country Reporter Story about the Whooping Cranes and Tours to see them.

After this we need to decide where we will live and how often we need to come back for blood work....but for right now we are going to forget all about cancer and get back to nature and just the two of us on the road.......where next we have no idea.....stay will definately be interesting.

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  1. THIS IS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO HAPPY XO court