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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fort Worth Nature Center

Today we went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for a late breakfast then headed 30 miles to north Fort Worth to check out the Nature Center and Refuge. We have heard about it but somehow never got around to going there. It turned out to be another nice sunny day in the 50's and perfect to get out and do some walking. When we got there they were having a Canoe Fest and for 5 bucks you could rent a canoe and explore the ponds,  marshes and islands of the nature center. The center is right at the west fork of the Trinity River and Lake Worth so there is plenty of water and waterfowl to look for. We spotted two American White Pelicans out on the water while walking the Greer Island Trail. They have 20 miles of hiking trails to walk and this one took us over a levi to Greer Island. It was a nice walk. Then we drove to the headquarters and gift shop building and looked that the owls, turtles, bobcats and prairie dogs they have on display there. After checking that out we hiked a couple more trails and went to look for the prairie dog town and bison. We only saw one bison but there was quite an extensive prairie dog town and the little guys were running all over the place and standing up at each of their dens making sure they kept an eye on us! I got one pic but it isnt too good because I had to zoom the camera all the way out and the quality gets terrible. Some day I am gonna break down and get a good DSLR camera.

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