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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"driver's license?......we don't have no stinking driver's license!

Yes that's right Sheila has been driving with an expired driver's license. We did not realize it until going through airport security when we flew to Connecticut and it was pointed out to her. Well today we realized we had forgotten about it when we got back to Texas, so today we went and got it renewed. We also finished some Christmas shopping for Sheila's grand kids and got my car's oil changed, new back brakes and replaced a burnt out resistor that kept the car heater and AC working. Glad that is now all fixed and the car is ready to hit the road again. Now if we can only figure out where to go for Christmas...we sure don't want to spend it here at the cancer house. Tomorrow we go for the bone biopsy and then won't know the results for a few days after that. We are both counting on good news!!!

Pic today is of Sheila, sister Carol, Scott, myself and a very STRIKING dog, RASCAL. We are walking the Sakonnet Greenway Trail on Aquidneck Island.

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