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Monday, December 7, 2009

No Global Warming in Texas

Since we left New England and drove back to Texas we have had the nastiest, cold, damp, drizzily weather. Today we went to IHOP for the breakfast special then to the library to print out resumes to get in the mail, then to Walmart for Sheila to do some Christmas shopping for her grand kids. This is the first day we have taken two cars to run errands and the first time since leaving Texas for the trail that Sheila has driven her car. after the library I caught up with her at Walmart and so only had to endure a small bit of the Christmas shopping. At least it was a weekday and so the hordes of stampeding wilderbeasts that pass these days for holiday shoppers was at a minimum! We are still trying what to do and where to go for Christmas and have not come up with anything yet. I would like to spend it somewhere remote and unpopulated, preferably in a tent, but we will have to wait and see what the word is from the doctor when we go in for Sheila's bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday.

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