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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Driving Through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virgina and Virginia with Bob Dylan and Neil Young

Today we left Pine Grove, Penn. about 10 AM and drove about 500 miles and through four states! It was a nice sunny day and with Dylan and Young playing on the CD we passed city after city that we walked though on our AT north bound hike. Front Royal, the Shenandoah's, Marion, Akins, Buena Vista, Pearisburg, Damascus and others passed by and we remembered things about the hike. Also countless picture perfect postcard-like farms and rolling green hills kept the scenery varied as the miles went by. We didn't make Alabama but will tomorrow if we get an early start. Sheila is anxious to see her sister Nancy and see how she is doing. So we will most likely hit the Cracker Barrel Restaurant for breakfast in the morning and then head south. We still have a long way to drive before we get back to Texas.

Pic Today is of sister Deb on her horse

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