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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dodging Tornados and Rain All the Way To Birmingham

We got an early start today and made it the 400 miles from Kingsport, Tenn to Birmingham, Al. dodging tremendous wind and rainstorms. The weather was really bad as we headed out and we even heard that Dallas got snow last night. That's really funny seeing how we went to New England for Thanksgiving and the only snow was in Dallas! We got to Sheila's niece's house today about 2:30PM and had a nice visit with Nancy and Kelly and her kids and dog. Then we went and got a nearby motel for the night and will return in the morning so they can visit some more and I can start the electrical project they have laid out for me. One bathroom has no working lights and I will fix that tomorrow after a visit to the nearby Home Depot. We just got back in from eating at Applebee's with a motel discount and plan to go to bed early and be rested up for tomorrow. We called Sheila's doctor in Dallas about her cough getting worse and the nurse told us to keep taking the antibiotics and to also get some expectorant at a local drug store. That should be all she needs until we get back to Dallas in a couple days.

Pic Today: Sister Sue and her daughter Sydney walking arm in arm in the "Woods of Morton Park"

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