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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 2 - Still in Birmingham

Today we went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel next to the Jamison Inn then went to Lowes to find a bathroom light fixture that would work in Kelly's bathroom. We found a nice Hollywood type vanity light and headed to Kelly's house to see Nancy and install the light fixture. They also wanted me to install towels racks and paper holders and a shower caddy. These things were all standard simple installations and I was done in no time. Then the the new light and exhaust fan decided not to work. I knew the fan worked before I even installed the light fixture but now both failed to work at all. I took apart the switches on the wall to check all the connections and found everything was OK. After taking apart all the nearby switches and turning all the switches in the house on to see if a bad "make up" was causing the problem. Still no luck! Finally I decided to trip the bath GFCI outlet on and off and sure enough it turned the light and fan on and off BUT did NOT turn the outlet itself off when tripped. This meant that if you dropped a hair dryer into the sink the GFCI would not trip off and prevent a possible fatal shock! Once I took that device apart and rewired it properly everything worked as they should have.
We spent the rest of the day taking Nancy to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and then to Walmart to by a baby outfit for Kelly's oldest daughter Sarah who is expecting a baby girl in February. We also showed Kelly and Nancy pictures of our AT hike and other trips we have been on. After it got dark we decided to stay here another day and go back and get our room at the Jamison back. Getting out of Kelly's neighborhood especially after dark is one of the most frustrating drives I have ever taken, and we have already been there back and forth once. Every street seems to run into others with the same name......8th Street runs into 8th Place then 8th Terrace and so on and so on. The different numbers do not even seem to go in any one general direction either and some street with no turns just turn into another street with a different number! My GPS did not have the street levels here loaded onto it and therefore was of no use. Being totally lost in the woods less maddening!! We even wrote down instructions right off of Mapquest and it did no good, we still got completely turned around! No matter what direction we drove off in we ended up back at the same little shopping center about 4 times! Tomorrow we will visit again ...IF we can find our way back into the maze!

Pic today is of the Chase Clan at 705 many years ago?

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