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Friday, December 4, 2009

Blinding Snow all the Way Through Mississippi

Well it is about 10pm and we just made it to Vicksburg, Mississippi. As soon as we left Birmingham about 430pm we noticed it looked like snow. When we got to Meridian, Mississippi it started snowing, then started snowing hard! Lucky for us the ground was still warm and it didn't stick anywhere except on parked cars and the grass and trees. It was great to drive at night at 70 miles per hour with the highbeams on so that we could really see the snow coming down sailing along listening to Crosby Stills and Nash. Tomorrow after a good breakfast (Cracker Barrel is right next to the motel) we will have only 380 miles or so back to Dallas. We were hoping the snow would keep on all night but just watching the Weather Channel it looks like it will all end soon.

Some pics from Birmingham: Nancy and Sheila at the computer looking at pictures.
The other pics are me and my new friend Rosie, Kelly's Cocker/Golden Retreiver mix. What a great little dog.....looked more like a golden retriever but the size of a cocker spaniel. I wanted to take her home with us, but then I wanted to take Sadie, Cally, Lucy, Shasha, Rascal and Ruger home with me too!!

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