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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Long Anticipated Trip is Through - Crossed Into Texas with Dylan's Tangled Up In Blue

We are back "home" at the WE CARE house and it was good to get back after 5 days on the road. Sheila and I had a 3 day visit with her sister Nancy and Nancy's daughter and kids, then a easy drive back to Texas. We only drove about 3-400 miles per day due to Sheila being tired and still suffering from that persistent cough she had since leaving Dallas. It seems we have been gone for a month because each day was filled with so much to do and so many friends and family to see. It was just fantastic for us to temporarily be footloose and fancy free after so many months confined to the hospital and cancer center. It was so good to see both our families and that they all seem healthy, happy and doing so good! Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible for us to be able to see so many of you! Some of you traveled great distances to be there, others worked so hard on cooking, and gathering tables, chairs, decorations and making the house available and comfortable for me and Sheila and we know and appreciate how much work it must have been. Then to also have to clean up afterwards.....THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!

Pic today is one sister Imp took of the Newport Bridge. Taken right from her island farmhouse in Jamestown.

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