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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bristol, Virginia


On August 28, 1823, Reverend Butrick made an entry in his diary describing “a citadel of rocks,” atop the mountain, noting the immense size of the boulders and stating that they were arranged in such a way “as to afford streets and lanes.”

Today we left Kelly and Nancy in Birmingham and headed toward Virginia. We stopped for a few hours to check out Rock City at Lookout Mountain, Georgia. It really is just a tourist trap but it started out as a fantastic mountain peak with unique rock formations and gigantic boulders, some of which were 1000 tons and seemed to balance on end. A missionary in the 1800's came to convert the Indians and was struck by this area which seemed to be a citadel made of rocks with narrow passageways that resembled city streets. After hiking all over the rocks and seeing the great overlook where you can see into 7 states we headed for Virgina. We finally made it across the state line about 9:30PM and got a cheap..VERY cheap motel room for 30 bucks INCLUDING tax! It was very old but surprisingly clean and unlike many better motels the WiFi actually had a good connection. Tomorrow the plan is to head further north to the Sperryville/Front Royal area and we plan to visit with Sunny and Share and hear all about their new farm they will soon be moving to.

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