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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taking Woodstock!


"Hide your gold, your faith and the reason you journey".

      -E. Heine

     We are now in Woodstock, Virginia. It is only 4PM but since we hope to see Sunny and Share tomorrow we did not have to drive very far today. We killed a couple hours in Charlottesville, VA today and went down to the historic district and walked around in the drizzle through all the deserted shops  and restaurants. I guess due to the weather and being Sunday it was almost empty down there except for the odd homeless guy with the pitbull trying to run his "I just ran outta gas up on the highway and am going home to visit my sick mother, could you give me a few wouldn't want my dog here to spend a night out in this weather would you?" scam on the few tourists he could latch on to! We only walked as far as the Information Center and the CVS to get our Public Parking pass validated then headed right back to the parking garage where the "lady" attendant tried to run her own brand of scam on the out-of towners! When I handed her our validated parking ticket she said, "that will be 4 bucks". I told her the ticket had been validated for one hour at the CVS. She then proceeded to tell me, " but you spent just over 2 hours out shopping!" I said, "the hell we did, dont you remember me asking you where the Information Center was no longer than 20 minutes ago!"  After some more hemming and hawwing she recalled I was there just 20 minutes earlier and that it would be no charge......then as I drove up to the toll gate, she would not lift the gate...she said our little car could just go under it!! As I rolled the window down to let the explatives fly she relented and lifted the gate!! Where in the hell do they find these morons for these city jobs!!!???  I try not to pre judge them  but they do fool you by walking upright!!
   So now we are in the Budget Host Motel in Woodstock, VA and we go down to the guest laundry to do a load of wash. On our way down the walkway the little man who runs the place comes running after us and asks us if we intend to do laundry. I tell him that was the general idea since Sheila was carrying a load of dirty clothes, but I know he has other plans for us. "Washer work, dryer no work!" Well thats just great I think as we follow him into the guest laundry. Here he has a truck full of tools spread all over the room....and the overhead room light......"also no work!" Well hell...we'll just do the wash and then hang it up in our room I tell him thinking he may come up with a means to dry our laudry not wanting us to hang wet clothes all over his motel room. Thats seems just fine with him though, as he proceeds to tell us there is no change machine and no laundry detergent dispenser! I give his kid a couple of bucks and he disappears down the road to get us some quarters and some soap! Anyways now the laundry is going, we are looking for a flashlight so we can retrieve it when done, and we are back in our room trying to decide if we have the guts to try the motel restaurant!! Ahhh life on the road...what the hell were we thinking!!!

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