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Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Waterpenny to Whisper Hill to Morning Mist Farm


Take off your flannels before the first of May, and you'll have a doctor's bill to pay."   New England Saying

Well we are now finally in Jamestown, Rhode Island at sister Imp's place called Morning Mist Farm. It is on the next Island over from where we grew up on Aquidneck Island and is still very undeveloped with salt marshes and Canadian Geese everywhere on all the surrounding farms. Very beautiful! We just got back from and outstanding breakfast in town and Sheila and Imp are out in the Miata for a drive around the Island. We got the car washed yesterday after the 2000 mile drive up here and Imp is gonna love this car. It is perfect for cruising around the islands in and will be fanntastic in the summer. She also is keeping her 14 year old 4 wheel drive Tahoe to drive when the roads are bad after a snow storm and to be able to haul her dogs and other stuff around in. The weather today looks to be sunny and warmer. We were both beat after arriving at sister Sue's the other day. It had been a tedious 9 hour drive from Virginia in a constant drizzle all on the freeway, not the best drive for a Miata to make. We had a great visit with Sue and Mike and their kids and they let us spend the night before continuing on to Rhode Island. Thanks Sue and Mike for putting up with us and for putting us up! We have no agenda now, just want to see all my  sisters before we figure out how we are going to get back to Texas. we could just fly but where is the adventure in that? We are going to look at taking the train (Amtrak) and get a sleeper compartment. We have never travelled like that and it  should be interesting!

Pic today is of Sunny and Share at their new farm house in Virginia. Can' wait to go back and see Whisper Hill Farm when they get it all up and running!

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