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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update Right From the Tent of Chaco and Toesocks (ChocSocks)

Quick update: We are in Foutianebluea State Park right on Lake Ponchartrain north of New Orleans. We got here and set up our camp then went out walking the park. We noticed on a park board that they had WiFi here and after we watched the great sunset we cooked a quick dinner of left over migas from this morning's IHOP and hopped into our sleeping bags. They are calling for 16 degrees for a low tonight, right now it is 29! I cannot believe it but we do have WiFi right here in our tent! Tomorrow we will be in Texas and are going to look for a park we have never camped in before. We do not have to be back to Dallas until the 11th so we are gonna keep camping until then! Hope the sun warms things up for us is cold!!! Later.....

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