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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 6.5 IHOP, Chips and TV

Today we had no appointments or treatments at the ACC so we slept late. 1030AM late! Too late for the McDonald's Value Menu breakfast. We went to IHOP  instead and split a pancakes, eggs and  sauasge meal and then got strawberry stuffed french toast for dessert! Then it was back to the house to do nothing at all. Yeah I  know...whats new! We had checked the movie listings thinking we might go see a matinee but nothing even anything half way decent was showing. So we now sit at the house watching TV movies, Sheila eating chips and me making tea. She still has her backpack and that will run until Thursday when they should take it off. After that I think what the doctor will do is let her counts bottom out then give her blood time to rebound and hit her with another round of chemo. Friday we go back to see the doctor and have lab work.

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