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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 7.5 Chemo Pack to Come off Tomorrow

Today we had to go to the ACC just for Sheila's blood work. They  took six vials of blood and sent us home. I don't know why they took that many, but when we got home they called and want her to come in tomorrow for more blood to be drawn. They are going to add yet another antibiotic also. Tomorrow afternoon the chemo pack is supposed to come off. I think they are going to check her blood again tomorrow to see if she need platelets. So the plan is now to go into the ACC early tomorrow and wait for the chemo pack to run out later in the day. That way if she need platelets we will not be looking at going over to the hospital lare in the day trying to get a tranfusion of platelets. We have been through that before and sat at the hospital until midnight!

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