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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doctor stopped in, temp spiking again to 102.1

The weekend duty doctor just came by to check on Sheila and the nurse was also in taking vitals. Sheila's temp is back up to 102.1 and they are giving her Tylenol. They are also giving her more platelets. The doctor said that the results of the catscan came back and they show two spots on her lungs but they cannot compare those results with her ones from Dr. DiStephano until tomorrow to see if  those spots were there before. They are also going to have a gastronologist and a lung specialist check her out. They are both on the floor working the weekend but they do not know if they will get to Sheila before tomorrow. The hospital is full,  with people waiting on rooms having to be kept in ER until a room is avaiable. The doctor said that even with all the chemo and other drugs and changing out the Picc tht she should not be running fevers. She said they have to make sure it is not a fungus type infection as that would require differnet meds, so they are looking at that. Sheila will not be getting out of here today, thats for sure. Hopefully tomorrow being Monday her doctor will be in to see these doctors and maybe give us better info on whats going on. She never felt sick until all this "treatment" started again.

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