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Monday, July 26, 2010

All nighter at the hospital and moving today

Was a rough night ....with Sheila running temps up and down, many blood samples to the lab, all her meds changed, put her on oxygen and looking at a possible fungus infection in her lungs. Between fevers she was actually feeling pretty good though and they still dont know what excactly is causing the infection. It is now 4:55AM and sometime today they will transfer her to a nutrapenic room with less chance of anything getting in to infect her. I am sure Dr. DiStephano will be in sometime today and hopefully with his help and maybe the lab results coming in they can sort all this out. Also sometime today I will be moving all our stuff into a different We Care House that Carol has and it is very close to the hospital. Sheila got very little, and I did not get any sleep last night and it's going to be a long day. Between the fevers all night, the nurses coming in every half hour for something and the delirious old man across the hall yelling out over and over and over, "IS ANYOOOOONNNNNEEEEE THEEEERRRREEEEEEE!!!!???" and " I DON"T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE FIRECRACKERS!!!!" I feel like a hungover drunk who spent the night in the tank.

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