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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dr DiStephano just came in for a visit....

and he said that they will get the infection under control and that some of the symptoms Shelia is having are directly related to the powerful chemo and are to be expected. Right now she has four bags of fluids/antifungal/antibiotics flowing into her and they aare completely new and much more powerful than the previous days. Alot of the misery, besides having this infection are directly related to her blood counts bottoming out because of the chemo. The process now is to let her body, with help from these powerful new antibiotics, bebound and build back new white and red cells and platelets. Later today if a nutrapenic room becomes available we will move into it. This kind of rooms have a double door to enter and an independant air filter system to keep and germs away from her as she builds up an immune system. I should be moving all our stuff into the new house later today and will be able to walk back and forth from the hospital as it is just a block away. There is also a full living and kitchen area that will be nice after living in Carol's remodeling project, confined to our one rooma and hot plate. I like camping but not like that!!

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