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Friday, July 23, 2010

PICC line in, X-ray done...wating on results.

About an hour ago they put the new Picc Line in Sheila's arm and took out the old one, cutting off the end of the old to send it to the lab for a culture to see if, and/or what kind of bacteria may have infected it. They think this is what had been causing her fevers every night. They also took an x-ray of her chest to make sure the new line is installed properly and can be used to transfuse the blood, platelets and antibiotics that she needs. We are now waiting on the results of that x-ray so they can start the blood transfusion. A few of the nurses here remember Sheila from last time she was in the hospital and came in for a short visit. The nurses on this cancer ward are just fantastic and though the nurses at the Arlington Cancer Center are good they cannot compare with the professionals here at the hospital. It is now 2:45PM and hopefully we will not be here too much longer. I am hoping that in a couple of hours we will be on our way back to the house. The lunch that came for Sheila was hospital spaghetti and she wanted no part of it so I ate it! They did bring her some manderin orange slices and hot chicken noodle soup and she ate that very well. I think she will feel much better once they get some whole red blood back into her!

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