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Friday, July 23, 2010

There's a man out on the roof wearing a surgical mask.......

and he's working on the air condensers.  If you have not guessed yet we are finally at the hospital. We were told yesterday at the ACC that the hospital would call us last night and tell us what time to be there. Big one called! This morning we got up early and headed back to the Cancer Center (the ACC). When we got there they had us wait a short time until they located our "orders", the magic envelope of papers that would let us be admitted into the hospital. We drove the short distance to the hospital, about one block and I dropped Sheila at the front entrance as I went to look for a parking space in the high rise parking lot. When I got the car parked I found Sheila in Admitting and a nice young lady offered to wheel Sheila up to the third floor to her room. We had only gone about ten steps when this "nice young lady" handed Sheila off to a hospital volunteer at the front desk and told him to take her up to room 3216. After repeating to him at least a half dozen times......"NO.... ROOM 3216!" I think he understood where to take us. The volunteer was about 85 years old and for his age was probably in very good shape, but, I didn't see how he was going to push her  wheelchair down the length of the hall never mind up to the third floor. He still seemed  confused as he led the way leaning on the chair as much as pushing it down the hallway! He managed to get her onto the elevator and up to the third floor and made it to the nurse's station. After turning in her papers at the desk he pushed her down the last hall toward her room. When he got closer to her room he kept repeating her room number over and over as her rolled right on past it. We both had to tell him, "RIGHT HERE!" After hesitating and doulble checking himself he did get us to the room OK. I am glad people like him still volunteer at the hospital but I don't think pushing people in wheelchairs was the smartest thing to let this guy do. I hope he found his way back down to his desk at the front entrance!
  Right now we are settled into room 3216 and Sheila had a bowl of Cheerios which she said was fantastic! She still has not been able to eat. Last night we went to Shlotzkies because she wanted soup but only managed to have about a third of a cup. Now we are waiting for all the work to begin.......two units of whole blood, one unit of platelets, take out her Pic-Line and hopefully install a new one (this is still up in the air), give her antibiotics and fluids in an IV and her nupergen shot in her stomach. Looks like a long day here!

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