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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hospital today maybe,, if not definately tomorrow.

Back at infusion today after lab and doctor. They are giving Sheila fluids and antibiotics. The doctor was going to do a bone marrow today but decided that her counts still have not "bottomed out" and will do it tomorrow. The hospital today has no outpatient room left so they will most likely send us to the hospital in the morning. The doctor seems to think that her daily bouts of fever are due to her Pic-line and he wants it changed also. This has to be done at the hospital. So now it looks like the trip to the hospital will include changing the Pic-line, gettiing platelets, getting whole blood, bone marrow biopsy, antibiotics and fluids. It will be a long day and may include and overnight stay depending if we have to go later today or in the morning. Sheila is feeling the best she has felt in several days and today we even split a breakfast of Chiliquelles and Fuzzy's Tacos before driving to the ACC. At the house last night Carol and her handyman came and tore out the closet in our bathroom in preperation for a new door into the laundry room. We have been without laundry access since she moved her grand-daughter into the main part of the We Care House. We were supposed to move to another house on the 20th but the people staying there are nott leaving now until this weekend. I guess we will move over there this weekend. Then at least we will have a full kitchen,living and laundry room for ourselves! Also it is just .03 miles to the ACC and hospital. Maybe we can even walk to it when Sheila feels better!?

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