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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time to get out the hair clippers

We are at the ACC right now, Sheila is in getting her infusion of antibiotics and fluids and I am back in the waiting area. Since they remodeled the cancer center there are hardly any seats in the infusion area for family. So sometimes I can sit in a patients chair if it is unoccupied but I dont like doing that. Patients should not have to worry about some healthy person taking their seat or asking them to move.  She still cannot eat anything. I am hoping today we can get over this hump and she will start feeling better. I will have to cut her hair off tonight as it started to come out yesterday while she was in the shower. I was starting to think she would not lose her hair but being that the last round of chemo was twice as strong as anything she has had, I should have known better. Today we stopped for our usual McD's before the ACC and we got her a smottie to try but she could not even get that down. She said everything tastes like an old cotton Tshirt and also she has no saliva to help her eat. She is trying to drink alot of water but constantly sipping at a water bottle I am not sure she gets enough fluids that way. We wer also supposed to move to a new We Care House close to the ACC and hospital because Carol is remodeling the house we are in. I think there are still people in the new place so I don't know when we will move. I am not moving Sheila if she still feels bad though, carol can just wwait on the remodel. We are supposed to see the doctor after her infusion so I hope he has some encouraging word about her labs that were also done today. He said last week that he wanted to do a bone marrow but I don't think that will happen today.

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