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Monday, July 19, 2010


   A few hours after leaving the ACC Sheila started shivering under the covers of the bed. Added two more blankets. Still shivering. Add a down sleeping bag on top of all the blankets. A little less shivering. Temp 101.7. Give her two Advill (dont have Tylenol) More time under blankets and she is sweating now. Temp 102.8. Shit! Strip off all the covers. Apply cold wet face cloths to her legs and head. Turn all fans on her. Temp 102.1. Time to go get some Tylenol. Run off to CVS. Return, she takes a couple Tylenol. Apply fresh cold wet face clothes to head, stomach and thighs. Temp now 100.1. Good! Fever is breaking! Another half an hour and she is feeling better and temps come down to 99.5. Now to find something good for her to eat. Boston Market chicken soup and cornbread and chocolate cake. Go to pick that up and also a turkey/green bean/new potoato dinner for me.  Return back to house and she is feeling much better and eats some of her soup and cornbread. She does not want the chocolate cake but I volunteer to force it down myself! Nothing like a nice relaxing evening around the We Care House. Just took her temp again and it's 97.8 .Hoping tomorrow is a much easier day for us both!

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