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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Long Scary Day at the ACC

Well today we went to the Cancer Center to have lab work, get Sheila's nupergen shot and see the doctor. Sheila has not been eating at all and started vomiting last night. She has had no appetite and can''t keep anything down. When she went in to the lab area to have her blood drawn they could not get enough blood due to her shaking and weakness. They brought her upstairs to the infusion center to see if they could draw more blood through her Pic-line. When they got that done and I  got her a warmed blanket out of the warmer her shaking finaly stopped. I was sure they would end up sending her over to the hospital for red blood because she was so weak and pale. This is the worse I have seen her while not in the hospital. It turned out after seeing the doctor and getting her labs back that her blood counts were still down but not enough to cause these symptoms. She is just dehydrated and weak form lack of food. They gave her some fluids through an IV along with something for her stomach and more antibiotics (she also had a slight fever) and she is feeling a little better now. When she was in infusion I went over to Dairy Queen and got her a cheeseburger and smoothie-like drink and she managed to eat some of it. Right now we are back at the house and she is resting. She did have half a cup of chocolate pudding and some more of her smoootie drink. Tomorrow we only have her nupergen shot on the schedule. I hope she is feeling better tommrrow. I plan to get her a good dinnner somewhere later if she thinks she can handle it.

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