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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday at the ACC

We just got back from going to the ACC for Sheila's daily nupergen injection. Even on Sunday there are lots of people there for infusions and other treatments. We quickly got in and out because all she needed was a shot. Sheila has been feeling very run down and has not been eating much at all the last few days. Yesterday she said she wanted a "real" meal so we went to Cheddars but when the food came she could not eat it. Last night about  10:30 I went out to Arby's and she managed to eat about half of a  roast beef sandwich. Today she has not had anything. I went to Walmart to fill anothe prescription for her and picke dup two six packs of Ensure nutrion drinks. I hope whe will be able to get them down. She had not vomitrf once since this round of chemo started and though the pack was taken off on Thursday she still had upset stomach but has not vomited at all, so I guess that is good. That last prescription is for her upset stomach and I hope it works. Tomorrow we have lab and the doctor and I am hoping that her lack of energy is just from low red cells and maybe she just needs a transfusion on whole blood. We will know more tomorrow when the doctor sees her. I do know that she will have a bone marrow biopsy done on Wednesday.

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