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Friday, August 20, 2010

She Is In a Better Place

She is in a better place
Only happiness on her face
She hikes the wooded trails
With a body no longer frail
She climbs the mountain tops
In bounds and leaps and hops
She paddles the pristene lakes
Cleaving a ribboned wake
She has not a single care
Her body it will not wear
She owns the sun and stars
The moon as it shines afar
I will see her in every tree
And know she smiles at me
I will feel her in every wind
As a kiss upon my skin
When rain comes pounding down
My tears will not be found
I will hold her in the dark
 Pressed firmly against my heart
She remains my guiding light
Ever always in my sight
When my own trail comes to end
She'll be waiting for me then
With open arms we'll meet
Forever more to keep


God bless you Toesocks, how I love and miss you so!   aafe+10

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