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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The jungle, the rock quarry and the haunted forest!

Yesterday I met Rhonda and the kids and after we all had McDonald's pancakes we headed out to Home Depot to get some potting soil. peat moss and pots to repot several plants. When we got there the kids noticed the giant kiddy shopping carts with big plastic cars and dual steering wheels behind the big regular shopping basket. Of course we had to take one for a test ride and as Rhonda talked peat moss and azeallas with the lady in the garden section we went off on an anventure. The kids loved it as we "drove" through the jungle ducking all the ferns and hanging baskets and the stone turtles and frogs in the garden center. We then headed for the rock quarry where they keep all the decorative stone and paving blocks before we got the nerve up to head into the haunted forest, the big grove of potted fruit trees and twenty foot shade trees.The kids squealed as the haunted apple trees "threw rotten apples at us" and Jane had to duck a few times to avoid being hit by one! When we escaped from the haunted forest we headed back inside to the "north pole" in the airconditioning and the cart did a few donuts as we hit several "ice patches"! The kids just couldnt get enough "donuts" so they had to pratice their driving skills with several more before we left for the electrical lighting section where all the lit lights on the ceiling became the stars and moon at night! By this time they were hungry and we stopped by the display of outdoor grills and had some barbeque chicken legs "right off the grill"! After "eating" we had to head back into the jungle and the heat to find Mom. She was still talking with the garden lady and we had to load up the peat moss, new pots and potting soil. It was tough leaving the adventures behind but it was now time to go shopping for some new sneakers for Mazie!

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