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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off to see the Wizard! <-----click on title to go to OZ

Tomorrow we head out to Liberal, Kansas to visit Mikey and Greg's ranch and farm. This will be a sad reunion. Last Christmas as we all got ready to leave WE CARE HOUSE we all thought we would be back to see each other again. Sheila and I headed off to the Everglades and Mikey abd Greg went home to the ranch after being at WE CARE for almost a year! Little did we know that we would never all meet again. Greg died at home in April. Sheila and I planed to go up and visit them but never made it happen. We both felt terrible about that! Now Sheila is gone and I will go and visit Mikey and see Greg's grave alone. As I was packing things up to take up there I felt overwhelmed with regret, sadness and even anger because Sheila was always right beside me as we packed for a trip. To think of her not there, packing and getting into Farkus for the road trip with me was more than depressing! I put in a CD while I packed and the second song was Neils Young's Harvest Moon! That became our song over the years and I had to go outside and walk around for awhile before I was OK. These weeks without her have not gotten any easier. Mikey and Shane her son and Cody her grandson are harvesting thousands of acres of corn right now and Mikey is helping on the tractor right along with them. I hope that when I get there they have plenty of hard work for me to keep busy at! Mikey and Sheila were very close for the short time we lived together at WE CARE and I am bringing Sheila's little frog candlestick holders that I bought her when we first started going out together. I can think of no one who Sheila would more like to have them, and she would be happy they found a real home. She would not part with them even though we have lived a gypsy lifestyle the last few years! They always reminded me of the whimsical statues of kids playing that we found and she posed with at parks and playgrounds all over the country. All I know is that I have to get away for awhile, stay  busy and figure out what to do with the rest of my life. I am hoping visiting Mikey and helping out on the ranch for a short time will start me in the right direction. I am also bringing her some of her and Greg's belongings left behind at WE CARE last year. After this trip, its a bus ride to New England, a car trip to Michigan and a 2000 mile walk in the spring. If that can't get me back on track, there is no hope.

Sheila dear I miss you more than I have words to say, this is by far our toughest trail with me lagging far behind you! Please give me the strength to see it to the end, and as Bones says in one of his songs, "please grant me safe passage!"  I love you-aafe+10

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  1. Chaco I love your words of inspiration. You have a wonderful site here and I have forwarded it to family and frieds. You have been an inspiration to me and I am so sorry for your loss. Stay in touch and maybe we will see each other along the trail someday.