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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chemo Round 2 Done!

This morning we went to the Arlington Cancer Center at 8:30AM to have the fanny pack of chemo disconnected and done with. Sheila has been not feeling too good and has not eaten much the last few days so it was good to get this round over and done. There was still 6.3ml of chemo left in the pack so they infused it into her through her CVC port and it only took about 30 minutes to complete. Then the nurse changed her CVC dressing and let us go. Now she is free of the chemo, at least until she goes back on Monday for lab work and to see Dr. DiStefano. Hopefully she will not need another round of chemo anytime soon. She is still taking four antibiotics and an anti-fungal medication. She also has some anti-nausea medication and two pain prescriptions. Thankfully she has not touched either pain medication yet. Her arm dressing will need to be changed tonight and it will be interesting to see how much the surgeon had to get into it yesterday. I am hoping they did not do much more cutting as I do not want to have her go through me hurting her when I clean and change the dressing. Sheila came home and drank some Ensure and went to sleep. I hope she feels up to going out for a good nutritious meal later!

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