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Friday, July 24, 2009

Surgery Finished!!

Doctor Bower the surgeon just came out to see me. He finished the surgery on Sheila's arm and said he had to take it back to fresh, good tissue and took some more of the vein out. He does not think there has been any further infection but said these things can be a real problem with the low white cell count and with chemo going on constantly. He wants to see her back in his office on Wednesday to see how it looks and has given me written instructions on how to change the dressing daily. He has left the wound open again and said I cannot be too gentle with it when I clean it daily, to make sure it is cleaned back to fresh looking tissue, rub it clean with gauze each time and rinse it with saline and put the special silver gauge on it each day. I am just hoping that tomorrow when we get the chemo pack off her that Dr. DiStefano can give her a good week or two break from any more rounds of chemo if they will be required. I think she really needs a few weeks to get her white count back up and get her strength back, eat good meals and get plenty of rest! Hopefully this next week will be one of recuperation and not much medical treatment!

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