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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait!

Well here it is 3:34PM and we are still waiting for Sheila to go into surgery. We got to the hospital by 12:45PM today just as directed by the pre-op nurses yesterday and have just been sitting in Sheila's room since then. I guess other surgeries earlier have taken longer than expected. She has antibiotics in her CVC port and just waiting her turn I guess. The surgery should only take about an hour so we are hoping to get out of here later today and if she feels up to it get a spaghetti dinner later tonight. Sheila has not had any solid food since yesterday and yesterday of all days was the first day she has thrown up since being in the hospital. She started throwing up around 7:00PM last night and we called Dr. DiStefano's office and they called in an anti-nauseous prescription (phenergan) to Walmart for her. So last night I went to Walmart and picked up her medicine and also some sherbet, goldfish and jello for her. She was sick and did not eat much at all last night so she is really hungry right now. (The nurse just came into the room and informed us that the surgeon is running about one hour forty minutes behind schedule and she should be taken into surgery in about forty more minutes) Also last night Mike and her husband Craig at the house had a rough night. About 11:30PM I heard them talking out in the foyer and went out to see what was going on. Mike grabbed my arm and I knew she was upset. Her husband Craig was all dressed and determined to go out in the truck somewhere and change a flat tire! I could see that he was not himself and had gotten it into his head that someone he knew needed his help with a flat tire. I guess the medication he is on plus the chemo and radiation that he is having was making his reasoning erratic. After some coaxing and talking by Mike and me he finally went back to bed and I guess slept through the night. I talked to Mike this morning before he went in for a transfusion and she said he remembered nothing of last night. I know this must be rough on her as they have no family nearby and now she also has to deal with this added problem. I am glad we are there in the house to help them when they need it. That's about it for now, I will put up another post tonight after we get home from surgery.

P.S. The cover picture today is of Sheila on one of our full moon night paddles across Joe Pool Lake. We paddled across the lake at night to the Oasis for dinner and a cold beer and then paddled back to our camp at Cedar Hill State Park. We have been doing this for years and it is fantastic to be out on the water at night under a full moon with the lake to ourselves and guided back to camp only by the full moon and of course a reliable GPS!

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