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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just marking time......

Today I brought Farkus the F'ing Focus in to find out what all the new noises were coming from under the hood.  I was hoping it was just wheel bearings or something fairly minor. No luck. After hoofing it up to the nearest McDonald's to wait the verdict, they called after two hours and said all they could find was all the motor mounts were shot and the engine was tilting heavily when the gas was applied. They could get it fixed today but it would be at least 960 dollars! As much as I would like to live without a vehicle it is just not possible, at least not while in Dallas. I promised under my breath that Farkus would be given a Viking funeral one day on the side of some loney highway! I told them to fix it. Then I left McD's and started walking south toward Cowboy Stadium. What to do all day, on foot, in almost 100 degree weather while Farkus tried and succeeded to rob me blind? I walked along the road while impatient people in six lanes of traffic honked and cursed each other in a big damn hurry to get to the next light. I sucked in exhaust fumes as I walked through the light while big mouthed bikers with loud exhausts tried to convince themselves more than anyone else that they were the real deal. Their big fat bellies and bingo wing arms flapping in the wind as they rode off said otherwise! It was hot, I was in a foul mood and I was missing Sheila so much it felt like falling into a deep dark well. I walked a few miles then noticed a Half Price Bookstore we used to visit. I was walking in an area of town where we had stayed in between trips and passing all those familiar places just made me miss her more. I went inside to cool off and kill some time. I browsed all the travel, history, nature and literature shelves and imagined she was looking at all the fiction novels that she loved to read. I got bored, angry or both, I still can't tell which and went back out into the heat. Headed south again I wandered right in front of Cowboy Stadium and thought what an immense catherdral to that egomaniac Jerry Jones. To think of all the homes people were forced out of to build that monstrosity, just to see a bunch of ignorant unmoral (for the most part) millionaires play a game there and all the lemmings that flock there to worship them, well I wiil not type in all the explatives here! I was hoping some of Sheila's good nature and tolerance would find me about now. I continued in the heat to Walmart to cool off again and maybe get a cold drink. I walked aimlessly through the store then just left without a drink. My mood was getting worse. "THIS JUST SUCKS! THIS JUST SUCKS!!" Mikeys words for how she still felt four months after losing Greg was ringing in my ears. I agreed with her. THIS JUST F'ING SUCKS!!!  I started back north toward City Garage even though I knew the car was not even close to being ready. It was really hot now and my heavy daypack was stuck to my back like a giant gluestick!  Another mile or so and I dropped into a Taco we used to go to. I ordered two one dollar burritos and a senior cold drink (they are free) and felt a little better at "gaming" the system for a lousy dollar drink. I got out our bottle of Tabasco brand hot sauce that we got at Avery Island on our last road trip when we toured the Tabasco factory. We always had it in our daypack and it helps when you live off the value menus! After eating quicky, not  liking eating alone now, I left and continued north with heavy traffic right alongside me. So here it is 3:35PM and I am back at the McDonald's I started at early this morning and writing this. I am now thinking if this is what it will be like when I hike north in the spring with Sheila's ashes.......I am in deep, deep trouble! THIS SUCKS!

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